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photographix's Journal

Making Graphics from Original Photos!
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Photographix is a community for those who want to make and/or view graphics made from original photos, not photos of celebrities or photos yanked off gettyimages. As far as graphics goes, there'll mostly be icons, and maybe some friends only banners, headers, and maybe even a layout or two!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the community. If you want to just look at the pretty photos and graphics, that's fine! Join! There may be a time when I decide to do a contest in this community where you can vote on icons, so you'll want to be a member!

What to Post

You can post icons and/or photographs! When posting photographs, please say whether or not you'd like for other members to make graphics out of them.

If you'd like, you can even post an introduction! I want this to be a tight knit community, so I want to get to know you guys! Here's some questions to start you off:
1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. I usually take photos of _______.
5. Anything else you want to say:


1. If you're posting images, adhere to the following guidelines:
Icons: After 3, use an lj-cut.
Banners/headers/layouts: Use an lj-cut.
Photos: After a 400x400 image, use an lj-cut. Try to keep photos under 600x600.

2. When posting photos, they MUST be original, meaning that YOU took them. When you post photos, be sure to make them smaller than the original so that if a thief comes and tries to claim copyright on your photos and icons, you'll have evidence.

3. If taking icons, CREDIT THE CREATOR(S). That means if person y used person x's photo to make icon z, then if you use icon z you must credit person x AND y. Tutorial on crediting in keywords

4. If making icons from another member's photos, please post the icons to the member's original post in a comment so they can see what you've done. And then if you want, post it to the community with a link to the post containing the photo and the username of the photographer.

5. Only use constructive criticism. Any derogatory comments will be taken note of and the member who is caught doing this twice will be banned.


      E-mail: merky@headkablooie.com
      AIM: And If It Were

      E-mail: roukzeptea23@hotmail.com
      AIM: Roukzeptea23

      E-mail: rikkitavii@yahoo.com
      AIM: RikkiTavii


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If you want to have your link up here, please contact me by e-mail (merky@headkablooie.com) with "Photographix Links" in the subject line!

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