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merky, the yellow dart

Contest Rules & Categories

  1. One icon per member for each contest.

  2. Icons submitted must fit LJ requirements (100x100 max, under 40kb, and be a .jpg, .gif, or .png) and relate to the current contest. Also, due to the spirit of this community, must be made from photo(s) that you yourself have taken.

  3. The icons must be new, while the photograph(s) that you make the icon from can be old/new/whatever (just as long as you have taken it).

  4. No advertising your icon! Do not show your icon/distribute it until after the contest is over.

  5. Vote truthfully. Do not vote for yourself just because you want to win. Do not get your friends to vote for you.

  6. No icon can win more than 2 categories in a contest. If an icon has won more than 2, then the mods will choose runner-ups in the extra categories to be the winners.

  1. Best Caption: For the icon that uses text to give that extra kick.

  2. Best Wordless: For the icon that speaks more without words.

  3. Best Technical Skills: For the icon that demonstrates the creator's skillful mastering of photography and/or image-editing techniques.

  4. Best Color: For the icon that most effectively uses color (or the lack thereof).

  5. Best Photo: For the icon with the best picture.

  6. Best Overall: For the icon that is just the best.

Suggestions for Categories (any improvements, add, delete, etc.)?

Also, the first contest will start Monday, November 22nd!
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