yatz (yatzerooni) wrote in photographix,

x hi! I just joined this community! am 19, from Singapore and love taking pix of food and whatever looks interesting at the moment.
x I enjoy comments as much as chocolate donuts!
x please save to your own stomach server.

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1- the sign at Woodslands Checkpoint; beside one that says 'No Walking Beyond This Point'. lol
2- A&W Root Beer Float
3- Pizza Hut's Satay Special
4 & 5- Chocolate Peanut Donut from Dunkin Donuts *droooL*
6-8- Dunkin Donuts box full of 14 donuts. heehee.

2 to 8: Series of favourites no longer available in Singapore.

text on 12 - 'Let there be cake'; 12&13 NYDC Oreo Cheesecake
text on 14 - Chocolate Decadence; 14&15 Cafe Cartel's brownie which tastes like sawdust
16- Cafe Cartel's Mudcake, Bjarn's birthday cake. The waiter forgot to light the candle.
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